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Website Design

I believe that a website is essential for any organization. Whether you need a new website or a redesign, the finished website will be mobile-optimized, fast, and beautiful. 

  Design Principles


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Site Maintenance

One of the most difficult parts of owning a website is maintaining it. Do you have the time? Is there someone in the organization who can maintain the site and continue to make changes? Take the pressure off and hire me to maintain your site for you.

 Maintenance Packages

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Image Editing

Visual content, like photographs, is so vital to your website today. It sets the tone and enhances the messages you are trying to get across to the visitor. I can help you batch edit image sizes, edit a few key images, and more.

 $30 / hour



Graphic Design

Along with images, the graphics of the website help to get messages across clearly and quickly. I can help to create graphics that direct the user through the website and create branding for your organization.

$50 / hour

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Writing good copy for your site that engages, informs, and gets visitors to act is not something that happens without thoughtful planning. I will help you take your message and translate it to the copy of your website. I can also help with copy editing.

 $30 / hour


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WordPress Instruction

You have a shiny new WordPress site but no idea what to do with it. That is the situation for many of my clients. I can help you and your team understand the WordPress platform and teach you how to maintain your website. Instruction can be done in person or by teleconference.

$50 / hour + travel expenses