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Cutie Wapps:

Web Apps for Small Organizations

Building apps is expensive and they are difficult to maintain. What if your website was your app and your app was your website? We're introducing QDWAPPS (Quick and Dirty Web Apps) as an alternative to costly native web apps. "Cutie Wapps" as we affectionately call them, are small, single page web applications that combine websites and mobile apps into one package. They look and feel like mobile responsive websites, but behave like native apps.


  • A faster, lighter website for the user to browse

  • Users use less data to view your website

  • Provide a traditional design pattern that is less disorienting and reduces scrolling

  • Decreased page load times, which makes users happy and is good for SEO.

  • An app-like experience without having to create and maintain a native app

  • Lean code for developers, which saves time and money