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How to Find a Web Developer

Have you ever looked at your website and thought, “We can do better”? Then you sailed out into the vast ocean of the Web only to find that you’ve wasted a lot of time and effort and still can’t find someone to create a new website for you? Here are five really good places to find a web developer or designer for your small business or organization’s website.


The absolute best way to find a web developer is through a referral. Often, this is the only way to really find individual freelance developers. When you come across a website you like, look somewhere in the footer for the name of the development company. If you don’t see it, reach out and contact the site owner and find out who created the site for them. Once you break the ice with the website owner, you can find out more about what it’s like to work with the developer.

Business Groups

Another good source to find a web developer is a local business group. Many people belong to these groups, including web developers. Also, anyone with a website has most likely worked with a developer or marketing team. If you struggle with small talk at these events, this can be a low cost conversation that could yield a high return (and several leads) for your business.

Local Online Search

Local search online has gotten very powerful and specific. It is generally better to work with a local developer, even if most of your communication is not in person. Using a local developer helps to eliminate some basic logistical issues and allows you to meet, as necessary. To find a local web developer, go to a search engine and use a search like “web design [city, state].” If you live in a very small town then choose one or two larger cities nearby.

Trade/Technical School

A hidden gem could be reaching out to a local trade or technical school that offers web design as a major. When I was in school, it was a rare treat to be able to work on a “real” project for a “real” client. Most of the projects we created were imaginary. Ask the school if they have opportunities for upperclassmen to serve as interns or if they can recommend a student for a project. Some schools may offer credit for work done for your company or organization. Make sure there is a strong recommendation for a student from the head of the web design department.

Look Internally

Finally, you should look internally to find a web developer. You want to see some evidence that he or she has what it takes to create the kind of website you need, but you will be surprised at how many employees are working “out of position” and have other skills, such as web design. Whether it’s a hobby or they have some experience as a web developer, this could be a cost-saving and effective way to find a web developer.

What have your experiences been in regards to how to find a web developer for your small business or organization’s website? Do you have a different recommendation? If so, leave a comment below.

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