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Changing How You Talk About Your Website

We say that we launch sites, but is that really the best way to think about a website?

I’m working on something new. What if instead of saying you’ve launched your website, you say that you’ve birthed your website?

When you launch something the idea is that you’ve spent countless hours creating something that has walls and systems and functions to it. Like a rocket or a ship being cast out to sea.

The problem is that if users don’t utilize the systems and chambers you’ve built specifically, then what? There is the sense that the creator of this magnificent wonderment must either convince those users to use it in the way they’ve specified or suffer the consequences of wasted time and effort to make something that’s not being used to its capacity.

What if we began to view our websites as something that they, in fact, are? What if we began to view them as dynamic, easily manipulated and changed virtual spaces, instead of equating them to the structures of our physical world, which are limited and constrained by our projections of how things should be or how users ought to behave based on their previous experiences.

What if a business focused on story instead of marketing?

What would a website like that look like? How can we match the dynamic structure of a blog to the dynamic movement of an organization? What if our websites conformed to the user’s expectations instead of expecting the user to conform to the information. What if we did less guessing and more engaging?

We’re creating something new.

A dynamic, ever-changing, ever-growing website that follows the ebb and flow of the work that we’re doing and the field we are doing it in. The Web is dynamic. So is our copy. So is our story. So is our observation. So are our clients.

And now, so is our site.

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