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Video: Uploading and Managing Media Files in WordPress

The new web is all about media. When you create blog posts or pages for your WordPress website, it’s good to include images, text, video, slideshows, etc. for users to consume. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of managing your files in your media library in the WordPress dashboard. This video introduces you to the basic concepts of uploading, deleting, and managing different types of media files.

Video: Overview of Page Builder Plugin

If you’re one of my clients, you may have seen the Page Builder tab next to the Visual and Text tabs on your page editor. I use Page Builder when I want to create unique layouts or add interactive widgets. What the plugin does is widgetize the main content window, allowing it to behave like a sidebar or footer. It’s a great, free tool that has allowed me to quickly and easily add beautiful, functional elements to my clients’ sites.

Video: Copy and Paste Text into a Blog Post or Page

The power of WordPress is that it combines both traditional website pages with dynamic pages, such as blog posts. The two work seamlessly to create a beautiful, all-in-one solution for organizations.

If you’re ready to begin blogging but wondered about what you should use to actually write the text, you have two options: use the WordPress post or page content area to write “on the fly,” or write in an external text editor before┬ácopying and pasting into WordPress. This video will show you how to copy and paste the text from three popular sources: a plain text editor, Microsoft Word, and a PDF file.