Highway Web Consulting

Digital Consulting & Website Development

Highway Web Consulting helps connect your organization to the right audience. We focus on creating appropriate digital strategies and implementing those strategies on your website--your organization's most important digital platform.

Web Consulting

Our consulting services include

  • Developing a web strategy for your organization
  • Developing sensible social media and content strategies
  • Advising on web automation tools and technologies
  • Advising on payment gateways and processes

Web Design / Web Development

We design and develop these types of websites

  • WordPress (including themes & back end setup)
  • Basic HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript websites
  • Landing pages for marketing

3-Minute Website Review

Highway Web Consulting offers a free 3-minute website review of your website. This brief video will highlight what you're doing right and what should be fixed. Topics will touch on design, layout, typography, and mobile experience, including giving UX (User Experience) & UI (User Interface) suggestions where necessary.